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Premium hatchback Tata Altroz introduced i-CNG

Tata Altroz XZ iCNG

The Tata Altroz XZ iCNG is a CNG model. In Delhi, it costs 10.82 lakh rupees. It has a CNG engine of 1199 cubic centimeters and a manual five-speed gearbox. The Altroz XZ iCNG’s fuel tank holds 60 liters and gets 26.2 kilometers per gallon (ARAI Mileage). On a full tank, the Altroz XZ iCNG has a range of 1572 kilometers.

The Altroz iCNG’s unique selling point is that you can reduce operating expenses without completely sacrificing boot space. For the CNG tanks that are hidden beneath the boot floor, where you would normally find the spare wheel, Tata Motors used a novel twin-cylinder setup. Even though the boot capacity of this packaging is lower than that of the standard Altroz, which is 345 liters, it is still better than nothing at all.


The Altroz iCNG is driven by the same 1.2-liter gasoline engine as the gasoline-powered Altroz. However, it has dual-cylinder technology, which enables it to have a greater boot space than its rivals at 215 liters—as the name suggests, it uses two smaller cylinders rather than one larger one. The engine produces 88 horsepower and 115 nm of torque when powered by gasoline; however, when powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), its output decreases slightly to 77 horsepower and 103 nm.


The Tata Altroz’s exterior design matches that of its gasoline-powered counterpart. The electric vehicle has exceptional highlights like blue accents on the front grille and blue encompasses on mist lights. On the sides, its outline continues as before. On the front fenders, there are EV badges and 14-inch dual tone alloy wheels with blue inserts. The tailgate at the rear stays the same except for the addition of an Altroz badge in the middle

Interior & Features

The Altroz iCNG has cutting-edge features that will make your ride luxurious and comfortable. The ALTROZ iCNG’s features are so impressive that you’ll want to buy one.

  • Infotainment with a 7-inch touch screen Experience seamless mobile entertainment.
  • You can stay connected no matter where you are with the iRA connected Car technology. It is a cool new associated vehicle tech stage offering a scope of creative highlights that is created in India for India.
  • The air you breathe is kept clean and free of pollutants by an air purifier. Hence, keeping you and your friends and family revived on each drive.
  • Voice-assisted Sunroof Step into the new ALTROZ iCNG and enter a world of light, openness, and style. With a straightforward voice order, assume command over the sunroof and partake in the outside air and daylight without taking your eyes off the street.
  • Wireless charger that charge your batteries in a hurry with a space that is made to unwind your life.
  • These premium leatherette seats provide luxuriant comfort for each and every road trip.


From a safety standpoint, this hatchback has a 5 Star (Global NCAP) NCAP rating, two airbags, ISOFIX (Child-Seat Mount), one beep over 80 kmph, continuous beeps over 120 kmph, overspeed warning, EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ASR / Traction Control, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), keyless central locking, Engine Immobiliser.

Variants & Colours

Arcade Grey, High Street Gold, Opera Blue, Downtown Red, Avenue White, and Harbour Blue are the six colors that are available for Altroz iCNG.

Except for an iCNG badge on the trunk door, the Altroz CNG is exactly the same as the non-CNG version of the hatchback. This is great for people who don’t want to show off to anyone who is driving a car with a CNG in the boot. The XE, XM+, XM+ with sunroof, XZ, XZ+ with sunroof, and XZ+(O) with sunroof are the six variants of the Altroz CNG.


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